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Jan 13, 2009

Upgrade to WordPress

Per strong recommendation from my colleagues, I've ported this blog to, a self host WordPress blog. This blog (, hosted by Blogger) will remain, but probably will not be updated. I will make new postings to the new blog site, so please bookmark instead. I also re-mapped my feedburner feed to point to the new site, so existing subscribers don't have to change anything. Hopefully this all woks out smoothly.

I have been busy working on our MIX09 release, so blogging may be light till after MIX in March.




Update (4/10/2009)

I am surprised to see (from Google Analytics and Feed Stats) that there have been consistent high page views and some subscribers to this blog site for the past several months, so I will cross post here as a backup to my new blog site (  Please note that all new postings are first published to my new blog site and optimized for that view, so they may not look as good here.