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Feb 17, 2010

Silverlight Deployment Troubleshooting Guide

After helping a few customers with Silverlight install issues, I think it may be helpful to publish a Silverlight deployment troubleshooting guide and keep it up-to-date, so here you go.

Troubleshooting Steps

  • Is Silverlight installed?
    on Windows, make sure “Microsoft Silverlight” is in Control Panel –> Programs and Features:
    check Silverlight in appwiz.cpl
    On Mac, make sure /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Silverlight.plugin is there. If Silverlight isn’t installed, you can install the latest version from or
  • Is Silverlight enabled?
    For Internet Explorer, select menu item Tools –> Manage Add-ons, make sure Microsoft Silverlight is enabled for all web sites:
    Make sure Silverlight is enabled with IE For Firefox, select menu item Tools –> Add-ons, click Plugins tab, make sure Silverlight Plug-In is enabled:
    Make sure Silverlight is enabled with Firefox
  • Is the issue site specific?
    try if you see the showcase Silverlight application on the top right of the page, then your issue is likely to be site specific, please report the issue to the site owner. O/w, please click the Forums tab at page, search and/or report the issue there.  
  • Is the issue browser specific?
    try open the page in a different browser (IE/Firefox/Chrome on Windows, Safari/Firefox/Chrome on Mac) and see whether the issue repros. If it doesn’t repro, it is likely to be a browser specific configuration issue. Again, it may help to search to see whether this is a known issue; and if not, report it.

Other Helpful Sources

This is first version, I will keep adding content to the post and keep it up to date with issues I see reported. Thanks!


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Why do I keep getting prompted to install Silverlight?

Issue: a few people get prompted repeatedly to install Silverlight while visiting web sites like

Solution: if you have old version of Webshots Toolbar or Kiwee Toolbar from American Greetings, you should upgrade to latest version from their web sites.


A few people trying to view Olympics videos from got prompted to install Silverlight, so they did and then hit F5; the page somehow prompted them to install Silverlight again, so they did again; but this time Silverlight install fails with a telltale error code 1514: Silverlight is already installed; if you want to reinstall, you need to uninstall first. So they uninstall and reinstall, but that didn’t help: they got prompted to install Silverlight again.

After quick investigation, I’ve found a common cause of old version of Webshots or Kiwee installed on those users’ machines. To check, you can find Webshots from Control Panel –> Programs and Features:

start -> run: appwiz.cpl, or control panel -> add/remove programs

or on disk:

AGI files on disk

The fix is to go to and upgrade to the latest version ( for now):

then you should be able to watch Olympics video just fine with Webshots toolbar enabled as well:

Silverlight + WebShots in IE

Silverlight + WebShots in FF

I will publish another blog post with common setup issues and solutions for Silverlight.


  • I am publishing this blog in a hurry to help those with trouble viewing Olympics video, so I may not get all facts right. I’d appreciate all feedback/correction/suggestion.
  • This is my personal blog. What I say in this blog is my opinion only. It doesn’t represent Microsoft or any other organization.
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