May 8, 2009

Migrate Windows Live Writer Data

I am re-imaging my laptop with Windows 7 RC: it is so much fun and productivity boost to spend a day or two re-installing and re-configuring OS and apps :-) One of my favorite apps is Windows Live Writer, so I need to migrate all my Windows Live Writer settings and data. This is what I did:

  • robocopy posts under “%userprofile%\Documents\My Weblog Posts”
  • copy auto linking entries in “%appdata%\Windows Live Writer\LinkGlossary\linkglossary.xml”

For those curious, this is where Windows Live Writer settings are stored:

  • posts:
    WLW posts directory
  • User dictionaries, keywords and auto links:
    WLW config directory
  • other settings in registry:
    WLW settings in registry

For those even more curious, this is how I found out where those settings are, besides web search:

  • configuration is usually persisted in registry and/or files, and those registry and files usually follow well known path convention. Registry is usually a good start. For files, try %appdata% and/or "%userprofile%.
  • use sysinternalsprocmon to see what registry and files a process is accessing:
    procmon on linkglossary.xml
  • for managed code, load all their assemblies (usually under %programfiles%) into reflector, and see how it is implemented:
    reflector on LinkGlossary
    Happy blogging, and hacking :-)

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